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Hormone Imbalance

Conditions that can develop from hormonal imbalance, and will respond favourably to Naturone Progesterone Therapy

Why are our hormones out of balance

Endocrine disruptors

Many man-made synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants are now known to be “Endocrine disruptors”, causing hormonal imbalances. Some, referred to as “Xeno-estrogens”, mimic estrogen in our bodies. These include DDT, dioxin and PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls). Over fifty chemicals have now been identified as hormone disrupters. They are present in our foods, in our air and our water and are capable of disrupting biological processes from the time of our conception. They lock onto our estrogen receptor sites thereby disrupting the workings of the body as a whole.

LINK to Endocrine disruption from Chemicals - http://www.endocrinedisruption.com/endocrine.introduction.overview.php

Prior to the chemical revolution, whenever there were high levels of estrogen produced in the female body, there were correspondingly high levels of progesterone produced, as unopposed estrogen is highly dangerous.  Progesterone is the only antagonist to estrogen - it keeps estrogen under control. Unfortunately now this balance has been upset by the xeno-estrogens.

The result of this is evident in the health of the world’s inhabitants.

People are dying of cancers never experienced before.  The incidence of cancer has soared from 3 % of the population in the 1920’s to over 40%. Breast cancer has more than tripled since the war.

Allergies abound

People are suffering from ill health at a younger and younger age. Look around any school playground and see how many children need asthma pumps. 

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