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Hormone Imbalance

Conditions that can develop from hormonal imbalance, and will respond favourably to Naturone Progesterone Therapy

Hormone Imbalance?

Hormonal health depends upon the delicate balance of progesterone and oestrogen. In women for example oestrogen is meant to be the predominant hormone in the first half of the menstrual cycle and progesterone the predominant one in the second half. However, for most women in the industrialized world this is not the case.
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The key to keeping your hormones in balance

This mother of all hormones is essential to all vertebrates, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals, male and female, and is vital in building bones, in regulating blood sugar, in developing intelligence and brain activity as well as in reproduction. From this hormone your body is able to make many other essential hormones, which is one reason for its importance.
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The best source of natural progesterone

Naturone is a bio-identical trans-dermal progesterone cream which is effective in balancing your hormones with no side effects as it is the same as that which your own body makes. A 50ml jar contain s 2000mg of progesterone making it one of the strongest and most cost effective progesterone creams in the world.
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  1. Side effects of natural progesterone
  2. What is progesterone?
  3. Why do we need to supplement our progesterone?
  4. Why not just use the progestin Provera as prescribed by some doctors?
  5. What is estrogen dominance?
  6. Does a pre-menopausal woman need progesterone cream?
  7. What is progesterone made from?
  8. Is progesterone cream safe?
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to just take a progesterone pill?
  10. Why NATURONE?

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